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The DC5 1966

Brief History

    Formed in 1958 as a skiffle group, and later emerged as a rock and roll band in the early 60's this exciting British invasion group's first hit in the U.S. was "Glad All Over" in February-1964, followed quickly by that 'foot stomper' "Bits And Pieces".

    And charting- one number 1 song in 1965 (Over and Over), 8 top 10 hits, 6 top 20 hits, with a total of 24 charted songs to make the American top 100 Billboard charts.

    Not just a vocal group, they also performed several instrumental songs including: Ol Sol, Rumble, Chiquita, Move On, Theme Without a Name, No Stopping, Five by Five, and Blue Monday.

    The guys also appeared in the (1964) movie/musical "Get Yourself a College Girl".

    Performing on U.S. TV on such shows as Shindig, Hullablaoo and others, along with live concert tours, that kept them busy, and profitable.

    They also appeared often on the Ed Sullivan TV show (even more then the Beatles or any other British group!!), and starred in a movie called "Having a Wild Weekend" from which the song "Catch Us If You Can" was taken and charted as one their biggest hits. The groups popularity ran from early 1964 until-1970, when they disbanded.

    After the group breakup- Dave Clark then began recording with Mike Smith as 'Dave Clark & Friends to finish out his contractual commitments '.

    Then in 1986 Dave Clark wrote the musical TIME, that played in England .

    The Dave Clark Five released 14 albums (including 2 greatest hits albums), which are today VERY collectiable items. The Epic Label released 2 albums of previously recorded material later in the 70's.
    At last count they had sold in excess of 100 Million Records world-wide, their main record label in the U. S. being Epic, but other labels worldwide included Capitol, Pye, Columbia, Rust, Congress and Hollywood records.

    In 1993 the (50 song) 2 cd set- "The History of The Dave Clark Five" was released highlighting their career plus, containing the groups biggest hits, along with several other album tracks.

    March 2008 the Dave Clark Five were inducted into the rock & roll hall of fame. 'The Hits' cd followed with 28 tracks.

Billboard Hit (45) singles titles / chart positions include:

Over and Over   #1
Because    #3
Bits and Pieces   #4
Catch Us If You Can   #4
Can't You See That She's Mine   #4
Glad All Over   #6
You Got What It Takes   #7
I Like It Like That  #7
Do You Love Me   #11
Try Too Hard   #12
Come Home   #14
Anyway You Want It   #14
Everybody Knows(i still love you)    #15
At The Scene   #18
Reelin' And Rockin    #23
Please Tell Me Why   #28
You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby   #35
Everybody Knows   #43
I've Got To Have A Reason   #44
Nineteen Days   #48
Satisfied With You   #50
I Knew It All The Time    #53
A Little Bit Now   #67
Red and Blue   #89

And Albums include--

Glad All Over   Epic LN-24093
The Dave Clark Five Return   Epic LN-24104
American Tour Vol. 1   Epic LN-24117
Coast to Coast   Epic LN-24128
Weekend in London   Epic LN-24139
Having a Wild Weekend   Epic LN-24162
I Like It Like That   Epic LN-24178
Greatest Hits Volume 1   Epic LN-24185
Try Too Hard   Epic LN-24198
Satisfied With You   Epic LN-24212
More Greatest Hits   Epic LN-24221
5 by 5   Epic LN-24236
You Got What It Takes   Epic LN-24312
Everybody Knows   Epic LN-24354

The Dave Clark Five   Epic EG-30434
Glad All Over Again   Epic KEG-33459

Also can be heard on CD's:
Get Yourself a College Girl (soundtrack) Sony AK 52420

Other CD's:
The Dave Clark Five -'The Hits'

'History of' The Dave Clark Five (2 cd set) Hollywood records HR-61482-2

Dave Clark Five (7 cd set) Bits and Pieces records DCFCD 7100-7700

Dave Clark Five 'Greatest Hits and Rare Collection' vol. 1 & 2 AZ 4001-4002

Dave Clark Five 'The Frozen Years/It'll Only Hurt For A Little While' HR 002/ 004

Dave Clark Five 'Greatest Hits' Rock In Beat records RB 9863

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1964 Dave Clark Five

Dave at home.

DC5 Guitar based (Denis with guitar)

Ed Sullivan Show

My DC5 18 CD collection, along with Mike Smiths solo CD.

                       Somewhat 'Simular Titles'.

 a little bit now, a little bit strong, a little bit of love

at the place, at the scene

come back home, come home, come on over

do you love me, do you still love me

dont you know, dont you realize

everybody knows (i still love you), everybody knows

hold on, hold on tight

i cant stand it, i cant get you off of my mind

i know, i know you

i need love, i need you i love you

mulberry tree, mulberry bush

no stopping , no time to lose

shes a loving girl, shes all mine

who do you think your talking to, who does he think he is

when, when im alone

you dont play me around, you dont want my loving